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  In today’s run for lives, travelling has become the main necessity. We need to travel from home to workplace, from workplace to client sites and so on. Not always everyone has the feasibility of owning a vehicle in a place where they have moved to newly or in a place where they have arrived for a work of a couple of days. Bangalore being the IT hub of the country has the most number of people moving in or coming in for short term projects. Not just that, even to look around the city as tourists we need transport and means of comfortable travel. Nowadays to fill up this gap of inconvenience vehicle rental startups have come up. Self-ride bike rentals being the more popular and comfortable one.

  Bike rentals are nothing different from a library. In a library, we rent books, and here we rent a bike for travel. Once you book a bike to rent it for a period. A caution deposit is to be paid, and the charges would be based on the distance and the amount of time you use the bike for. And while taking the bike, required documents are to be provided for legal purposes. In Bangalore like all the growing startup’s bike rentals are flourishing at a good pace.


  One of these expanding startups is RentOnGo. RentOnGo is one such startup that isn’t just limited to bike rentals. They have various products that they provide on rent. Coming to bike rentals, in RentOnGo you can pick a scooter up from one of their locations, and you can drop it off at any location. They have vehicles from geared and non-geared bicycles to premium bikes. And it is an easy 3 step procedure to rent a bike. Selecting the bike using the mobile app, making the payment, and picking it up from a given location or you can also get them delivered.



  WheelStreet is also up the list. They provide bikes of all ranges for rent. They charge you based on the time you have the bike on you. The renting process in no rocket science either. Select your bike. Make the required payment of the refundable deposit and the rental charges. And finally, pick your vehicle from the requested location and drop it back at the location within the stipulated time.



  ZipHop is also one of the well-known bike rentals in Bangalore. It works similarly to the previous ones. You can book it online. You can either pick the bike up from the location or have it delivered to your desired location and is to be dropped off at the particular ZipHop drop off location.


Wicked ride

  The wicked ride is also another bike rental startup. This bike rental is treated for premium bike lovers. Wicked Ride provides all sorts of heavy bikes from KTM to Harleys. The process of booking remains similar to the previously mentioned startups. You can book the bike online and make the payments too. The bike is to be picked up and dropped at the mentioned locations. You can also utilise the feature of picking the bike up at one point and dropping it at another point.


Royal Brothers

   Royal Brothers also is as famous of a self-ride bike rental. It is a startup that originated in Bangalore. To be a customer of this Bangalore bike rental the dates and locations must be set for pickup and drop off. The registration and payment are to be done of both the refundable deposit and of the tariff for the rented period. The bike is to be picked up from the selected location and is to be dropped back at the drop off location. And the deposit will be refunded right after the drop-off.



  Rentrip also comes onto the list of bike rentals in Bangalore. This startup aims mainly on providing comfort for long duration rides from one city to another or for long bike rides. The bikes are to be reserved and the pickup and drop locations are to be mentioned beforehand. The bike is to be picked up at the mentioned location and is to be dropped at the same location in the decided time.


Rent Set Go

  Rent Set Go is a self-ride bike rental in Bangalore that has grown up from a bicycle rental to a now bigger startup. They not just rent bikes but also products like cameras, lenses etc. They have a minimum period of rental time of one day and a maximum of one month. The process of usage remains the same as all the previous. It is to be booked online in advance and payment is to be made, and the vehicle is to be picked from the decided location and is to be returned in the drop off location.



  RoadPanda too makes it to the list of Bangalore bike rentals. This bike rental charges based on the distance travelled. They give 5 free km’s per an hour of travel. And every km beyond that is chargeable. The bike must be priorly reserved, and the payment of the tariff must be made while reservation. The bike is to be picked up from the allotted RoadPanda parking spaces and is to be dropped back at the parking space.

  These are the top 8 comfortable fill ups for the inconvenience of lack of means to commute around the city. Here is the article on Top10 Housekeeping services in Bangalore.


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